One of Hungary’s nicest climatic resorts, Lillafüred, is situated 10km from Miskolc, the country’s third largest town.

This fabulous hotel: Hotel Palota was built in neo-Renaissance style, based on the designs of Kálmán Lux, in the eastern part of the Bükk Mountain, in a picturesque valley surrounded by three hills. The murmur of the waterfall of Szinva stream running in the vicinity of the Palace Hotel adds extra magic to the view of the Szinva stream valley and Hámori Lake.

the surrounding area

Lillafüred, a nice settlement located in the picturesque Szinva Valley which offers thousands of experiences for adults and children alike, is an ideal place to wander in nature and discover the local specialties.

Hotel Palota
Hotel Palota
Hotel Palota
Hotel Palota
Hotel Palota - Hotel history


The building of the castle hotel dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Enjoy “time travel”. This nearly 90-year-old hotel will take you back in time with historic exhibitions, breakfasts accompanied by live music and a unique setting.


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