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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who is received by the hotel and with what kind of terms?

In our hotel, according to the relevant government decree, we are able to receive guests having a vaccination certificate, arriving with touristic purpose, under their supervision the children under the age of 18, or guests arriving with business / economic/educational purpose. The receptionist will check the documents on arrival.

Is the vaccination certificate redeemable by any medical certificates?

We draw the attention of our dear guests, a paper vaccination certificate (issued by the doctor), PCR test, foreign vaccination certificate officially not accepted in Hungary, does not replace the vaccination certificate, so we cannot accept that.

Is it necessary for the guests to wear masks in the territory of the hotel?

  • For our guests who have a vaccination certificate, it is not necessary to wear a mask in the territory of the hotel. 
  • In the inner rooms of the restaurants wearing masks is mandatory, except for the vaccinated, sitting by the table.
  • On terraces wearing a mask is not necessary, for not vaccinated guests as well.
  • For not vaccinated guests arriving for business purposes, wearing a mask is mandatory on the whole territory of the hotel.

Till when will be the vaccination certificate asked?

We will ask for the vaccination certificate till the validity of the government degree 194/2021 (IV.26.) currently in force, from all our arriving guests above the age of 18.

What is the situation, if one person of the family is not vaccinated?

Above the age of 18, we are able to receive a guest who has a vaccination certificate, according to the degree above. Example: If one adult of a family of 4 has no vaccination certificate, but the others have, or they are not over 18, we are only able to receive the other 3 members of the family in our hotel.

What kind of terms refers to business travelers?

Business travelers have to declare by arrival that they use our accommodation services on the grounds of business trip/work, service trip, or economic/educational purpose, they accept aware of their criminal liability and verify with their signature, that in case of lack of vaccination certificate contained in the measure, the following restrictions refer to them during their stay: they are not allowed to use our wellness- and fitness services and they must wear a mask in the whole territory of the hotel.

Does the hotel receive foreign guests?

Under the current regulation, we accept the vaccination certificate issued in Hungary, and the vaccination certificate of those countries, with which the Hungarian government has concluded a bilateral agreement of the mutual acceptance of vaccination certificates.

What can I do if I did not receive my vaccination certificate?

The paper vaccination certificate (issued by the doctor) and other medical certificates do not replace the vaccination certificate, but we accept the vaccination certificate shown through the application. 

In other cases, we have set flexible terms for our bookings, so we try to handle the modifications of time flexibly.

  • You can decide to modify your booking for another time in the future 
  • You can modify your booking without a date, we make a budget document from your prepayment, that you can completely use up in the future

What kind of protection do the hotel workers have?

On behalf of the safety of our guests in the common areas, all our colleagues are wearing a mask. The greater part of our workers has a vaccination certificate already.

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