Protective measure - Hotel Palota


As our main priority, the Hotel Palota Lillafüred**** keeps safety in the first place, for our guests and staff as well. In case of your unbothered relaxation in the unique mood of the palace hotel we take the following safety measures:

Restaurant and Lobby bar

  • Before entering the restaurant, we would like to ask our guests to sanitize their hands. During the selection of the food please follow the specified directions. We placed a few sanitary stands for frequent use. Between the two dinner periods, we sanitize and clean the restaurant. Please use your mask in the restaurant, except while sitting at your own table.
  • To keep the safety distance, we keep the breakfast and dinner time in two time periods, so it cannot get busy in the area.
  • Please use our contactless food and drink menus!
  • In case of nice weather, it is best to enjoy the beautiful view while eating and drinking on our terrace!


  • We make a big effort in our hygiene protocol in the wellness area, so there is a cleaning break when guests cannot stay in the wellness area. It’s between 14.30 – 15.00. Please follow the instructions of the wellness area!
  • In the pools, we use chlorine according to professional recommendations!
  • Between the massage appointments following each other, we keep a cleaning break to sanitize the area. Please keep that in mind when booking a massage!
  • Before using the pool, please take a shower. When leaving the pool a shower is also recommended.
  • We do not open the wellness for non-staying-guests.


  • According to the professional recommendations, we keep a bigger distance between tables in the lobby and restaurant, and also between the lounge chairs in the wellness.
  • In the common areas, we placed several sanitary stations and added sanitary hand soaps to the bathrooms.
  • We do several sanitary cleanings in the common areas and made our cleaning protocol even more tightened.
  • Our colleges pay increased attention to their personal hygiene, washing hands even more regularly, and sanitizing them after. The staff got detailed instructions on COVID regulations and hygiene protocol. We put together our own COVID handbook and we keep updating it according to the regulation. Our colleges can only come to work healthy, and without exception, they have to wear a mask while working. We have a colleague specified on COVID regulation, who makes sure that everything is written in the handbook and fully followed. She also helps with any questions of our guests if needed!
  • The guest information brochure in the rooms is now totally contactless, as we made them digitally approachable through a QR-code.
  • According to the government regulations, only guests with vaccination certificate can take part in any music/dance program.
  • We made our booking rules looser so it is more flexible to modify or delete your booking.

We ask for your cooperation in the followings:

  • Please visit our hotel only when feeling healthy!
  • We made our parking area bigger, so we recommend coming to the hotel by car, instead of public transport.
  • We would like to draw your attention to the online check-in service. With this service, you can make your personal check-in shorter.
  • We recommend only one person of the family/company to deal with administration during personal check-in. 
  • Please use the sanitizing stations regularly and we recommend wearing a mask inside the hotel while keeping a distance.
  • In order to return to our normal virus-free life in the shortest period possible, we have to pay attention to others around us and follow the mentioned rules! We kindly ask for your cooperation!

The protocol regulations listed above can change according to the government regulations.

Please before your journey read about the latest regulations on our website or call our colleges for any help!

We still keep on working for our guests with the biggest hopes and fully dedicated to our profession so that we can evolve and learn day by day to keep our service at its best quality.

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