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I have never stayed at the Hotel Palota Lillafüred**** yet, is it still worth registering into the frequesnt guest programme?

Of course, as our guests can book at a discounted rate after successful registration.

Yes, registration is required to participate in the frequent guest programme. Those who have already registered for the programme via our hotel's website will be notified by e-mail.

It is recommended that only the person who usually makes the reservations should register for the loyalty scheme within a family. You can add all family members to this one account when you first sign in. When you make a booking, we can only deduct points from the balance of the person who has logged in on our website (by entering the email address and password associated with the registered loyalty account) and we can only credit the points to that account. Points from several accounts cannot be combined, so it is recommended to register one account per family.

A maximum of 2 rooms can be booked, taking into consideration the discounts per profile.

For regular guests, it is important that you start your request/booking by logging into your account on the hotel website -www.hotelpalota.hu - in order to receive points. During the booking process, the booking system automatically calculates the points due and credited for the value of the booking, which will be immediately displayed when the booking is finalised and will be added as conditional points to the user account. The points earned during the booking will remain in conditional status until 12.00 on the day of travel, after which the points status will become usable points and can be used for a subsequent booking. The amount of points that can be earned  varies for each level of regularity.

For regular guests, to claim the discount or redeem points, it is important that you start your request/booking by logging into your account on the hotel website -www.hotelpalota.hu. During the booking process, the system will automatically calculate how many points can be redeemed based on the discount you are entitled to according to the current level and/or the points available.

Our hotel's loyalty program identifies loyal guests by the email address they provided when registering, so if you did not request the offer with the email address you registered with the program, the system will not identify you as a loyal guest and will not give you the discount. In this case, please contact the hotel and ask them to resend the offer to the e-mail address you used to register for our frequent guest programme.

During the holiday and special periods only points can be collected, discounts and points cannot be used.

Direct bookings made by our guests from 1 April 2023 onwards will be counted towards the loyalty programme, so the benefits of these bookings will be credited to your personal profile after registration.

Points earned for inviting friends and credited when making reservations are valid for 730 days (2 years) from the date they were earned. Before expiry, the program will send you an email notification that you have points that are about to expire, so there is not much time left to use them.

If the booking is cancelled, the points redeemed for it can be reused with the original validity. In case of a change, only the points that are still available at the time of the change can be redeemed. If the points redeemed for the original booking have expired in the meantime, they will no longer be taken into account for the modified date.

The hotel sales team is available to assist you with the frequent guest programme:
+36 46 400 126 or +36/30-074-69-93 (working days from 8-17)

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