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Hiking package

Adventure Time, the Bükk is calling!

Crawling hunger or thirst cannot be an issue with our new hiking package. We made sure you about the supply, you just need to bring your comfortable hiking boots and a backpack.

Requestable hiking package contains the following:

  • Baguette sandwich (with salami or cheese)
  • Seasonal whole fruit
  • Salted peanuts
  • Still water 0,5 l
  • A wet wipe (individually packed)
  • Nordic walking sticks
  • 3 type hiking trail descriptions and maps
  • 1 piece of trashbag

Price of the package: 1900 HUF/person.

More advanced Hiking maps of the Bükk Mountain and an extended tourist guide with descriptions can be purchased at Reception.

If you would like to take the opportunity and apply for our hiking package please let us know the day prior until 8 pm.

The double-walled, stainless, heat-retaining Palace thermos with lid is now available in our hotel - in the name of sustainability! Take them with you when you go hiking in the forest, as you can reuse them countless times, so you don't burden the environment with any waste! Let's work together for our environment!

At the information station behind reception, you can find the most popular hiking trails of the neighbourhood collected in several documents for you. Plan your exciting program with the help of our descriptions.

A few examples of the trails:

  • For beginners: (Hanging Garden/ Lillafüred Educational Trail)
  • For Advanced Hikers (Fehérkőlápa/ Szinva Edicational Trail/ Lake Hámor Trail)
  • For Seniors (Heart Trail / Hanging Garden)

Dear Hikers,

Please allow us to draw your attention to the importance of preserving the condition of the forest, your host, and protect its wildlife. Let us encourage you not to start a fire or litter during your trip.

„Prayer of the Forest
Strayer, who pass me by, do not hurt me!
I am the warmth of your fireplace on a cold winter night,
I am the friendly roof of your porch, giving you shade
when the sun is burning, and my fruit relieves your thirst.
I am the wood holding your house together, I am the top of your table,
I am your bed, where you rest and the beam of your boat.
I am the door of your house, the wood of your cradle, and your coffin.
Strayer, who pass me by, please hear my prayer:
Do not harm me!”

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