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Cave Bath

Discount Cave bath tickets are available at our hotel!

The real treasure of place is the „lake bath” that has been shaped into Cave bath. It has been excavated and channelled by water from hard bath stone cliff during thousands of years.

The Cave bath of Miskolctapolca is unique in Europe, it is an unmatchable experience to bath in the swimming pool covered by nature, that has a nice temperature thermal water arisen depth of mountain, enjoy clear, fine air.

Discount is available for the guests of Hotel Palace.

Chairlift Lillafüred

The Lillafüred Chairlift, which carries passengers from the Lillafüred Resort to Jávorhegy, towards Bükkszentkereszt, provides a beautiful view of the wonders of the Bükk mountains. Apart from being environmentally friendly, the rope-pulled chairlift is quiet and safe. It is a real tourist attraction because it also opens up numerous natural beauties of the region, protected under the Natura 2000 scheme.

The new chairlift starts at 333- metre height and carries tourists to the top of the hill situated at 606-metre high on a total length of 1,080 metres. More than 180 tourists can admire the landscape during the 16-18-minute journey. Bükkszentkereszt is 2.2 km away from the hill station.

Adrenalin package

Do you enjoy when your heart is pounding and you focus with all your body to achieve your target? If your answer is yes, then the adrenalin package is an ideal choice for you, where you can test yourself on a 12-metre high free fall machine, the individual rope course and 160-metre long giant zipline.

Discount is available for the guests of Hotel Palace. Please inquire at the reception.

Segway tour

Lilla Tour - the beginner’s friend. An ideal choice for those not familiar with the Segway, and the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Following a brief initiation training in the Adventure Park, the unique treasures of the Szinva Valley will be explored along the Lillafüred promenade.

Discount is available for the guests of Hotel Palace. Please inquire at the reception.

Roller path

Terrain roller riding is a romantic mountain sport that can be done on slopes and sloping countryside. The sport that is novel in Hungary offers a lot of entertainment for the whole family, any day of the year.

Game time: 60 to 90 minutes

The service is available only as guided tours assisted by professional tour guides. It is possible to rent additional protective equipment (wrist, knee, back protectors) if you feel the need. A great experience not to be missed!

Discount is available for the guests of Hotel Palace.


We operate a billiard table in the basement of our hotel. Next to the billiard room guests can relax in beer and drink bar that seats 30 people and is available from 16.00 to 21.00.

You need to make an appointment in advance in the lobby bar.


Make a team and play all day! The indoor lasertag arena covering several hundred square metres recalls everyday life in the former ‘Zalka Máté’ Military Barracks. Everyone can test their tactical talent and skills in a realistic setting.

The game is made more enjoyable by the modern weapons that have a range of 150 metres.

Recommended for 4-18 person.

Discount is available for the guests of Hotel Palace. 

Escape room

Fly back to the 50s, live and change the bittersweet history of the Golden Team in 90 minutes. The course, comprising several rooms, offers special logical and skills game components, and is far beyond what you imagine. If you are creative and a good observer, you can overcome the obstacles and lead the way to freedom.

Game time: 90 minutes

Break the code, put together the puzzle, find the secret writing and get the key!

Discount is available for the guests of Hotel Palace.

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