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Information about the mandatory recording of Personal Data

After 1st September 2021 accommodation serving institutions record legally valid personal data of those using their services in the accommodation booking software with forwarding these data to a database called Closed Guest Information Database (in Hungarian VIZA),  following the up-to-date legal regulations of Hungary.

All accommodating institutions record the following information of the guests in the booking software for the sake of their data safety and guarding their personal rights, in order to control the movements of those who come from the third world and also of those who are under the regulation of free movement :

  • first and second name                
  • full name of birth          
  • place of birth
  • date of birth  
  • gender            
  • nationality
  • mother's name              
  • registration number of the legal document ( id card, passport);              
  • in case of a guest from the third world his/her number of residence permit, or number of visa, time and place of entering the country,
    **based on the act of no. II. 2007 on Visitors from the third world.

The one using the service of accommodation hands his document used for identification in order to have his/her personal data recorded. Any data that is not printed in the identification document is not necessarily recorded. In case of not handing this identification document to the accommodation institution, the service is denied. This way the institution serving accommodation has the right to take a look at the identification document of the visitor, and the visitor is obliged to hand it to the person in charge.  The institution providing accommodation handles the personal data of visitors up to the end of the year of the taken service with the aim named in the legal regulation.  The place of record is in a so called asymmetric secrecy in a storage place called VIZA, where these data can be followed by police, law enforcement, crime prevention for keeping public order, public safety, the order of border control, providing the safety and security of others in case of criminal procedures.



  • Development of touristic regions 2016.i CLVI. act;
  • Carrying out the act 235/2019. (X. 15.) of the development of touristic regions
  • Regulation of  issuing id cards and recording personal data based on the act of 414/2015. (XII. 23.) passed by the Hungarian government
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