20-minute segmented massages - Hotel Palota

20-minute segmented massages

Would you like to have only certain parts of your body massaged?
If it is only your neck or leg that hurts, try our focused, shorter massages.

Our optional, 20-minute segmented massages (HUF 3,900):

Relaxing back treatment and massage

The stretching, smoothing movements relieve tension and mitigate muscle pain.

Relaxing neck and head massage

The massage solves the stiffness and spasticity of the neck and shoulder, thereby allowing for more oxygenated blood to enter into the brain.

Refreshing body massage

It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, relieves muscle tension, restores blood pressure and circulation to counterbalance the stressful, tense condition present in the body.

Sole refreshment

When massaging the entire sole, the blood supply of the limb increases, which contributes to the refreshment of the body and the reduction of the tiredness of the feet.

Body scrub
(with sea salt or chocolate)

The masseur uses fine, circular movements to massage sea salt particles into the skin, thereby facilitating the removal of dead skin cells.

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