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45-minute full body massages

Are you looking for some refreshment? Are you looking for a real relaxation?
Nothing can relieve stress more than a pampering full body massage accompanied with a pleasant and soft music.

Optional 45-minute full body massages (HUF 5,900):

Relaxing full body massage

It is a massage type performed with gentle and slow movements that contribute to the emergence of physical and mental harmony. During the massage, our muscles and nervous system calms down and our body is reborn.

Detoxifying full body massage

As a result of the massage, the toxins accumulated in the body are excreted. In the massaged area, blood flow develops, it receives more nutrients, and harmful substances are released faster.

Anti-fatigue healing oil massage

It activates the parasympathetic nervous system, offsetting by this the negative responses of the body to stress; it dissolves the unwanted tension of muscles, and it enables the restoration of normal heart rhythm, blood pressure and circulation.

Refreshing body massage

By applying the technique of Swedish massage, we refresh and regenerate the body and relax the painful, tensioned muscles, tendons and joints. We use cream or oil, as required by the guest. The effects of the popular massage are: it relaxes muscles, increases metabolism, stimulates blood circulation, refreshes, and conditions, relieves stress and reduces pain.

Anti-stress massage

Get back your physical and body-soul balance! The massage alleviates the effects of stress and chronic pain, enhances muscle performance and provides a better sleep. The grips applied relieve the nervous system.

Honey massage

With honey, we bring vitamins and minerals into the skin, and the waste products are absorbed and collected by honey, so that our body can breathe.

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