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Hike on the trail of forest crafts

During our tour, the forest tells the story of how life was back then.

at Friday and Saturday nights

Live music nights

Come to our live music events Friday and Saturday nights at the Lobby Bar.


"Heroes' journey" tour

Participants will visit these sites, bulwarks and ridges during the tour.


Autumn Vacation

Festive long weekend at the Palace!


All Saints Day

Let’s get nostalgic and warm up our souls with thousands of beautiful memories!


Goose days on St. Martin's day

Goose dishes, unique Hungarian souvenirs, cosy music and many exciting programs await you!


Tracking tour

Follow the trails of wild animals, you can listen to the many forest stories that forest has to tell


Christmas bustle

Fabulous lights, enchanting atmosphere and extraordinary Christmas gastronomic offer.


Sensational New Year’s Eve 2019

Dance until the new year arrives at a fun-filed party, a festive gala dinner, star performers!

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