"Food dispensary" tour in the Bükk mountains

Tour length: approx. 10 km; elevation: 100 meters.

Autumn is a period of self-fulfilment, transition and anticipation. All living creatures get some of the gifts of nature. Autumn crops, forest fruits, acorns and other produces help animals survive during the long and cold winter days until spring starts. 

During this hike, participants can familiarise themselves with, and even get a taste of, the treasures of nature. The highlights of this tour are the Jávor Hill Meadow with more than 60 ancient Hungarian apple varieties, and the Blueberry Meadow, which was named after this healing shrub; however, there will be numerous other places abundant in blueberry fields during the excursion.

By visiting the apple gardens, we would like to draw attention to the fact that it would be worthy to tend this special and ancient land, before the forest completely reconquers the area.

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