Hike on the trail of forest crafts - Hotel Palota

Hike on the trail of forest crafts

Tour length: 6 km; elevation: 200 meters.

Once the livelihood of the people living in the forest depended on these crafts, such as charcoal burning, which was done in charcoal piles (carefully arranged piles of wood, covered by turf or other layer, inside which a fire was lit to produce charcoal), lime burning in lime kilns or glassblowing. These, often very demanding, crafts ensured trade between the population of forest settlements and people living in the Great Plain, giving mountain people a chance to prosper. Today, we only preserve mementos from that era. The marks left by these forest crafts on nature have disappeared by now, but during our tour, these activities “come alive” and the forest tells the story of how life was back then.

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