"The stones" in the Bükk mountains, best panorama tour on 13 July

Distance and elevation: 17.6 km; 320 meters

The crags of the southern edge of the Bükk Plateau, commonly known as “The Stones”, are clearly visible, protruding geological formations with a height ranging from 900 to 950 meters (named Three Stones, Bald Stone, Small Flowery Hill and Red Stone).

We walk up there to enjoy the breathtaking panorama – this “wherever I look, I see mountains” experience is quite unique in Hungary.

We take a short break to marvel at Three Stones, one of the Bükk Stones stretching towards the sky, and then continue our hike in the direction of the Jewish Meadow, the Italian Gate and the village of Bánkút. The Jewish Meadow is probably the most beautiful meadow in the Bükk Mountains in all seasons. We pass by Bánkút, and then continue our journey towards Nagymező.

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