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Additional services

At the reception we provide discounted tickets for the following programs:

  • Cave Bath in Miskolc Tapolca
  • Forest Railway
  • Sport and Adventure Park in Lillafüred
  • Chairlift in Lillafüred 
  • Anna and István Cave (St. Stephen’s Cave) 

Room supplies 

  • Champagne supply

Welcome your partner and share a glass of champagne upon arrival! 

  • Fruit supply 

After a long journey you deserve some indulgence, surprise your partner and order a fruit basket! 

  • Cheese plate 

Have some delicious bites after the long journey! The cheese plate containes 3 kinds of cheese, nuts and -dried fruits. 

  • Honeymoon Package 

Sip Törley champagne, enjoy the flower petals covered bed! Either arriving for Honeymoon, or to celebrate anniversary, we would like to turn your stay into an unforgettable experience. The package contains the following supplies: 

    • Fruit basket for two
    • One bottle of sweet or dry Törley champagne
    • Flower petal supply, shaped as a heart on the bed

Celebrate a birthday, nameday or anniversary, a beautiful bouquet of flower is always a good idea. With your demand, please contact the reception 24 hours before. 

  • Small surprise bouquet 

The small surprise bouquet contains 3 beautiful pieces of flowers 

  • Small flower box 

The small flower box contains 9-10 gorgeous pieces of flowers 

  • Large flower box 

The spectacular box contains 18-20 aromatic pieces of flowers 

Culinary delights 

Enrich yourself with exceptional gastronomic experiences during your stay! 

Sunday Brunch on every Sunday 

Dedicate your Sunday to cloudless relaxation! Let us cook instead of you, so you can enjoy yourself with your family, surrounded by the  breathtaking Palace Hotel. We welcome gourmands every Sunday with an abundant supply (2-3 kinds of soups, 4-5 kinds of main courses, also salads, desserts and seasonal fruit) and intimate live music. Crown the Sunday program with pleasant wellness or with a refreshing walk in the Hanging Gardens. 

  • 4-8-16 slice cakes 

Is there a birthday, nameday, anniversary to be celebrated in our hotel? Top it with a cake speciality! Eligible cakes: 

    • „Lúdláb” („goose foot”) – chocolate and cherry hungarian specialty
    • Fruit-cheesecake 
    • „Feketeerdő” („Black Forest”) – chocolate spongecake with rich cherry- and cream filling 
    • Toffifee (with caramel) 
    • Gluten- and Lactosefree carrot cake with pistachios, with mascarpone icing on top 
  • Bonbons 

Taste our unique, handmade cinnamon white chocolate or salted caramel flavoured bonbons. Purchase the delicacy in uniqe Palace box in the Lobby Bar! 

  • Food allergens 

On our menus we mark with a pictogram if the given food contains or may contain any kind of allergen. The meaning of the pictograms are shown in the followings

In your room you can have breakfast between 8.00 and 10.00, other food consumption is available from 11.00 till 18.00, you can have drinks between 8.00 and 23.00. The room service menu and wine list is available here. For placing an order, please call the Catering on 71130.

Please inform us in advance about your diet, Lactose- or Gluten-intolerance to provide you a wide range from the right food for breakfast and dinner during your stay. 

Pampering services, a taste of our massages 

  • Refreshing body massage 

Using the Swedish massage technique, we refresh and regenerate the body, relax the painful and tense muscles, tendons and joints. Based on our guest’s demand, we use cream or oil. The effects of the popular massage: relaxes muscles, boosts the metabolism, improves blood circulation, refreshes and improves the general condition, releases stress, reduces pain. 

  • Chocolate massage

Innovative, mostly endorphin producing massage with psychological effects, drives away stress. It hydrates the skin making it flexible and boosts fat burning in the body. Phases: chocolate skin scrub, oiling the body with chocolate oil, massaging the effective agents into the skin with chocolate cream. 

  • Tiredness ousting massage 

It activates the parasympathetic nervous system, counter balancing the negative responses of the body to stress; it releases the unintentional tensing of muscles and restores ordinary cardiac rhythm, blood pressure and circulation. 

  • Flower magic massage 

This massage treatment involves heated oil and relaxes the whole body. It eases tension, the oxygen supply of tissues improves and the body relaxes. The scent of flowers has a positive effect on the senses. 

  • Stress relieving massage 

Regain your physical and psychical balance! It eases the effects of stress and chronic pain, improves the performance of muscles, facilitates better sleep. The special tricks used during the massage have a soothing effect on the nervous system. 

Further massages: relaxing massage, detoxing massage, relaxing back massage, relaxing neck- and head massage, massage with honey, body scrub 

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