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Room service and breakfast




Smoked trout with blue cheese Waldorf salad, black radish and leaves tej.jpg gluten-gabona.jpg hal.jpg

1.900 Ft

Tokaj goose liver with fried apple and toast bread gluten-gabona.jpg

4.200 Ft




Wild boar ragout soup with potato dumplings and flap mushroom tej.jpg gluten-gabona.jpg

1.400 Ft

Chicken soup with elbow macaroni, meat and vegetables gluten-gabona.jpg tojs.jpg zeller.jpg

900 Ft





Whole roasted trout with grilled vegetables gluten-gabona.jpg hal.jpg

4.600 Ft

Breaded chicken breast with coleslaw salad and spicy sweet potatoes tej.jpg gluten-gabona.jpg tojs.jpg

3.700 Ft

Viennese veal schnitzel from milk veal, served with potato salad with onion gluten-gabona.jpgtojs.jpg

5.200 Ft

Pork tenderloin wrapped in sage and sheep’s milk cheese with jasmine rice and broccoli tej.jpg

3.500 Ft

Tenderloin steak with goose liver and leek ragout, Burgundy sauce, fried mushrooms and princess potatoes gluten-gabona.jpgtojs.jpg

7.800 Ft

Grilled tofu slices with garlic cherry tomatoes and roasted zucchini gluten-gabona.jpg

2.900 Ft





Somló cream dessert in glass with roasted almonds tej.jpggluten-gabona.jpgtojs.jpgdio.jpg

1.000 Ft

Gerbeaud pancake with vanilla ice-cream tej.jpggluten-gabona.jpgtojs.jpgdio.jpg

1.700 Ft



Coffee, Tea




650 Ft

Tea: Black or fruit tea with lemon or milk  




Martini 1 dl

1.000 Ft

Campari 1 dl

1.300 Ft

Finlandia vodka 4 cl

1.000 Ft





Johnnie Walker Black Lebel 4 cl

1.700 Ft

Jack Daniels 4 cl

1.300 Ft



Cognac, Brandy


Martell V.S 4 cl

1.800 Ft

Metaxa 5* 4 cl

1.400 Ft





Cointreau 4 cl

1.500 Ft

Baileys Irish Cream 4 cl

1.200 Ft





Nyakas Irsai Olivér – 0,75 l

5.300 Ft

Sebestyén Rozé – 0,75 l

4.900 Ft

Takler Syrah – 0,75 l

7.900 Ft

Oremus Tokaji édes szamorodni – 0,50 l Royal
Tokaji Borászat - sweet

9.000 Ft



Champagnes - 0,75 l


Martini Asti Spumante
(semi sweet)

8.800 Ft

Hungária extra dry

6.500 Ft


Coffee with milk tej.jpg

Tea with lemon

Cold milk tej.jpg

Butter, Jam, Honey tej.jpg

Orange juice

Bread rolls tej.jpggluten-gabona.jpg

Toast tej.jpggluten-gabona.jpg

Ham and Eggs tojs.jpg

Omelette with cheese tojs.jpgtej.jpg

Scrambled eggs tojs.jpg

Cheese tej.jpg



Muesli tej.jpggluten-gabona.jpgkn dioxid.jpgdio.jpg

Yogurt tej.jpg

We charge an 11% service charge in our restaurant, which is already included in our prices.
Valid from 1th March 2021.
F & B Manager: Roland Konczvald
Chef: Tamás Pindur

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