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Green hotel

Dear Guests!

Since 2011 our hotel has been awarded the title of "Green Hotel" several times in the competition of the Hungarian Association of Hotels and Restaurants.

Below, we would like to share with you our efforts to reduce our environmental impact and operate in an energy efficient way.

Our goal is clear: to the best of our abilities, to the best of our ability, to develop and maintain the National Register of Historic Monuments heritage hotel property in a modern, yet value-preserving manner, to operate it sustainably, and to provide quality services that meet the needs of our guests, with a historical and nostalgic feel, supported by a cohesive and coordinated teamwork.

We ask you to contribute, if you can, to reducing the impact on the environment by taking into account the suggestions below:

1. Towels left on hangers and racks are not replaced because we assume that they will be used again, thus reducing the environmental impact of washing.

2. Be our partner in curbing food waste!

3. When leaving your hotel room, please disconnect the electricity by removing your key card.

4. Lillefüred is rich in natural beauty. We recommend the environmentally friendly means of transport in the area (forest train and cable car) as well as our organised tours to discover the beauty of the area.

5. During the excursions and guided tours to the forests of the Bükk, please pay attention to the protection of the forests, please do not leave the accumulated garbage in the forest!

6. Keeping windows closed to optimise the room temperature helps to increase the efficiency of air conditioning and heating, so that the energy used for cooling/heating really reaches its intended use.

7. If you do not need a paper bill, please request our online bill.


Measures taken by our hotel:

  1. Heat-pump operation in the renovated new wing: a wellness hotel is generally a wasteful and energy-intensive operation, just think of the energy demand of saunas, steam machines, heated pools, air conditioners, catering equipment and the large amount of domestic hot water. A heat pump can effectively solve this costly, high energy consumption problem. The heat pump heats with an energy efficiency of A+++ while producing cold as a by-product for free. Temperature control in the renovated rooms is provided by centrally controlled individual fan coil units. Our aim is to continue this development in other parts of the property as soon as possible
  2. In previous years, the heating and hot water supply for the hotel was provided by two high-capacity boilers, which left little room for optimised operation of the large property with its many floors. In order to operate more efficiently, a number of smaller condensing boilers have been installed in the hotel, allowing the gas supply to be controlled and used as required, thus avoiding overheating of certain parts of the building and achieving a much more energy-efficient operation.  A switch can also be used to provide heating and hot water, if required, by means of a heat pump, which allows the hotel to choose the type of energy needed to run the building, taking into account the current electricity and gas tariffs.
  3. We are negotiating the construction of an electric charging station, for which we have already started preparations by installing a suitable power point in the renovated car park.
  4. Over the years, the lighting systems have been completely replaced by LED technology, thus achieving significant reductions in consumption and eliminating unnecessary heat generation.
  5. Our phase repair system is regularly maintained to ensure that we do not have a wasteful energy consumption.
  6. Waste generated during the hotel's operation is separated and collected in separate containers, which are removed in their entirety from the hotel premises.We have also purchased a waste compactor to reduce the volume of waste.
  7. Waste cartridges and toners generated by office work are collected and handed over to specialised contractors for recycling. Waste batteries, accumulators and spent fluorescent tubes and bulbs are transported separately.
  8. In sourcing all our kitchen ingredients, we strive to use local produce and to source as close to home as possible, minimising the environmental impact of transport.
  9. Some of our cleaning products are already Ecolabel certified, which guarantees that they do not contain phosphate or nickel and do not cause skin irritation or allergies.
  10. In order to reduce the amount of printed documents, we have introduced an online check-in service and an online invoice service, which means that invoices are sent by email by default and are only printed at the explicit request of our guests, thus reducing the amount of paper used.  Instead of printed guest information leaflets, we prefer to use QR code leafletsmenus, and current information about our hotel on projectors and LED walls in the common areas.  A new feature that is very popular with our guests is the QR code version of our hotel tour, where guests can enjoy archive videos and photos and learn about the history of our hotel on their mobile phones, using QR codes installed at various stops within the hotel.
  11. The historic building also provides a safe haven and shelter for the protected colony of Barn Swallows, which are our returning guests year after year. The nests are protected with trays to support them.
  12. We have a long-standing partnership with the caretaker of the Hillside Garden in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, whose gardening work we support on a monthly basis.
  13. We try to support the work of animal welfare organisations and foundations supporting large families and people in need in the area with textiles and furniture already withdrawn from guest sales.
  14. Double-walled, stainless steel, heat-retaining Palota cups with lids - now available in our hotel in the spirit of sustainability! Take it with you when you go hiking in the woods, as you can reuse it countless times, so you don't pollute the environment with any waste! Let's do something for our environment together, let's take every opportunity to solve the problems caused by plastic PET bottles in a real way!

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