House Rules - Hotel Palota

House Rules

Check-in, Check out informations
Hotel rooms are available from 2 pm on arrival day. On departure day please leave the room until 10 am. In our hotel there is a possibility for early check in and late check out, in case of free capacity. Please feel free to get more informations at the Reception.

  • Early check in: 10 am-14pm-extra fee: 10.000 HUF/room
  • Late check-out: 10 am-14pm- extra fee: 10.000 HUF/room
  • After 14 pm extra fee: the full room price must be paid

If you leave the room after 10 a.m., the room extension fee of HUF 10,000 will be automatically charged to the room.

We would like to inform our guests, that we charge 1000 HUF to the room account for each room key card not returned to the reception at check-out.

External visitors
Only those guests may stay in the rooms who registered themselves at the reception. We kindly ask you that if you have any visitors during your stay, please welcome them at the Lobby or in the Restaurant.

As a safe solution you can leave your values in the safe in your closet, free of charge. The hotel does not take any responsibilty for the values, cash left in the room. Our central safe can be found at the reception and the hotel guests can use as well, for free.

In our hotel there are more restaurants working, depending on seasons.

  • Restaurant Mathias from autumn to spring: can be found in floor -1
    • Open: Monday-Saturday 12.00-16.00
  • Palota Grill Terrace from spring to autumn:
    • Open: Monday-Saturday 12.00-16.00
  • Restaurant Hunyadi:
    • Breakfast: Monday-Sunday: 7.00-10.00
    • On Sundays: Sunday Brunch: 12.30-16.00
    • Dinner: 18.00-21.00

Our restaurant is air conditioned and non smoking. You cannot have your pets with yourself in the restaurant for hygiene reasons. In our hotel we do not serve guests with alcohol under the age of 18. You can get further information about our restaurant services in the dining room or at the reception (extension 71130 or 71101). We kindly ask our guests to have the choosen/ordered foods in the restaurant. If you want to take away any food from the restaurant, exept the ordered ones, you can do it for extra fee. For our guests it is possible to order an extra packed lunch for a trip or in case of early check out. If you wish to have a packed lunch please let the reception know until 8 pm the day before.
In our hotel we provide vegetarian, gluten free and lactose-free menu. We kindly ask our guests if you have any special requests for dining, please let the reception know.
The Lobby Bar is open from 8 am to 11 pm where you can have various cocktails, teas, coffees, soft drinks and craft beer.

Before entering the restaurant areas we kindly ask our guests to use the located handsanitizer machines and follow the specified direction while selecting food from the buffet table. There are several hand sanitizer stations planted in the restaurant areas, we encourage everyone to use it frequently, especially while managing food. Both breakfast and dinner services has two timezones determinded. In between the time zones there is 15 minute break, while an extra cleaning takes place. During this period the restaurants are closed for public. 

Dress code
We kindly ask you to wear appropriate attire (lounge-suit, closed shoes) during the main dining. Our dress code is smart-casual.

The Minibar is located in the hotel rooms, that can be used free of charge. Our colleagues check the minibar every day, and inform the reception. We provide further Minibar products, on request. Please keep in mind, that in the Minibar no non-hotel products are allowed to be stored.

Due to safety reasons please turn off all the electrical devices when you leave the room. In case of emergency please call immediately the Reception. In case of fire, the alarm goes off, please leave the building immediately. You can find the escape route posted on the door of the room. In case of fire it is forbidden to use the elevators.

Smoking is not allowed on the whole territory of the hotel. Our smoking guests are allowed to smoke only at the smoking areas. Please be informed that smoking is not allowed on the balcony or the wellness sunbathing area. 

Malfuntcion report
We kindly ask our guests if you notice any malfuntcions in the room, please inform the reception. 

Values of the hotel
It is forbidden  to take away any object or textile from the hotel. When you check out. our colleagues  check the textiles in the rooms. On the day of departure the wellnes can be used for free, and during this time you can use the wellness towels and the bathrobe for free. Please leave them at the reception when you are leaving.

Lost objects
We register the objests lost in the hotel areas and the room, we keep them for 3 months and for request, we post it to our guests. Posting fees will be charged for the guests.

Wellness, massage
The wellness center is open from 7 am to 9 pm. In the wellness area use the wellness towels and sauna sheets provided in the wellness area. You can book an appointment for massage at the reception.

We are happy to see pets in the hotel, they can stay in rooms on the ground floor for extra fee. For hygiene reasons dogs (and other pets) cannot visit the catering units and wellness department.

Forest environment
Our hotel is located at the Bükk mountain. Several harmless forest insects can get into the rooms as their therritory is around us. If you notice such a thing, let the reception know in order to avoid the possible inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding!

Currently we do cleaning only upon request from the guests, between 9 am and 3 pm. In case of individual request, please kindly ask Reception or call 71100/71101.

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